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  • Mindfulness & Meditation courses & workshops

  • Corporate Mindfulness classes & training

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Always Meditation is a professional education and training business located in Melbourne.

We provide evidence based mindfulness meditation classes that help people manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.

Since 2013 our experienced and qualified instructors have facilitated mindfulness & meditation workshops, courses, retreats and corporate classes for thousands of people around Melbourne.

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What we provide

Affordable courses & workshops


Multiple convenient locations


Experienced supportive instructors


Clear & easy to learn lessons


Latest psychology & neuroscience data


Beginner to advanced class options


The Benefits of Being Mindful;

Less stress & anxiety

A calm & happy mind

Better sleep & health


Six reasons to practice meditation;

better brain function


Stronger immune system


Lower emotional reactivity


Happier feelings


Lower blood pressure


Less heart disease


Fantastic feedback about our classes;

"Just want to thank you for a terrific series of lessons.

I have been meditating for some time now but still found that I learned plenty. I thought that your calm, happy, friendly and relaxed manner gave the classes the right atmosphere for learning meditation. You managed to condense complicated and varied practice into an accessible and common sense approach to meditation 101. Many thanks for your time and effort"... Liz


"I just wanted to say a proper big thank you!

The workshop and course have done wonders for me, particularly in managing stress, interacting more mindfully and debunking all the reasons I haven't been able to stick with anything like this before. You're a great teacher and I've been telling anyone and everyone how awesome it's been!" ...Holly



The Evidence About Mindfulness Meditation

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