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Always Meditation is a professional education and training business teaching scientific mindfulness meditation techniques proven to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep. We've been facilitating workshops, courses, corporate mindfulness classes and teacher training in Melbourne's CBD and suburbs at great value since 2013.
Our specialist programs are delivered by experienced and well trained teachers providing practical and effective skills along with the confidence to decrease stress, anxiety and depression whilst increasing mental calm, general wellness and quality of sleep through mindful meditation.
We place great importance on teaching you the ability to meditate yourself, both at home and during the day, without reliance on guided apps or groups so that you can continue to develop the benefits of mindfulness as a life long skill.
Enrol now in a workshop for an introduction to mindfulness meditation or learn more thoroughly by attending a course. A proven way to get your life back on track the way you want it.
Always Meditation classes are medicine for the mind and recovery for the body.


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The benefits of mindfulness meditation:

Reduced stress & anxiety

The fruits of any good mindfulness meditation practice are a relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. With regular practice this means less stress, anxiety, and emotional reactivity. You become healthier, happier, better able to deal with pressure, overactive thoughts and manage pain.


A calm & happy mind

We make mindfulness meditation easy to learn and practice. Each class you receive clear explanations and easy to follow instructions. There is ample time for practice and to gain confidence. People leave smiling, more relaxed and mentally refreshed. All scientific, non religious and professionally presented.


Better sleep

Experience the simplicity of mindfulness as a unique skill for improving your responses to life's many challenges. Become more productive, focused and make fewer mistakes with less worry, lower blood pressure and increase immunity. Slow stress related aging, sleep better and become happier with regular practice.


Past Review:

"I just wanted to say a proper big thank you! The workshop and course have done wonders for me, particularly in managing stress, interacting more mindfully and debunking all the reasons I haven't been able to stick with anything like this before. You're a great teacher and I've been telling anyone and everyone how awesome it's been!" Holly


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Mindfulness Meditation: