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5 things u need to learn to meditate.

Good Advice
by Always Meditation & Mindfulness..Spring 2016
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#1. A great place to learn to meditate
Every experienced meditator knows the benefit of having a reliable place to hold their meditations. Here are a few of my favs;
At home simply grab yourself a bed, a chair, cushion or couch or just a piece of carpeted floor space in a room that’s quiet, comfortable and temperature friendly. Keep a clock or timer handy and you’re ready to go!
During the day utilize your car… it’s great for practicing. Using another form of transport… then get on your seat on the train, bus or plane and use it or lose it! At work… why not turn away from your desk or screen towards a window and count 5 breaths?
“Use that spare meeting room – yes go on.. close the door..then close your eyes”
Fool everyone by hanging out at the photocopier.. but what’s this.. you’re really softening your shoulders and letting them drop? And as a final last resort retreat to the toilet cubicles for a bit of R&R.
After work head down to the local park or oval and grab the closest bench. Just listen to sounds… Wow how easy is that?
learn to meditate
#2. A great time and schedule to stick to
The easiest times to meditate are early morning (before the hustle and bustle of the working day kicks in) and in the evening as the sun sets and things naturally quieten down. Try either of these times and aim for 10 minutes of timed practice.
When wanting to learn to meditate know that regularity and punctuality always give the best results. By far the easiest schedule to stick to with anything is a daily schedule. Try to do something around the same time each day. Bang… you’ve got it! A daily 10 minute meditation habit. Easy, simple…effective.
Keep reading for more things u need to learn to meditate…
learn to meditate
#3. A simple technique that works for you
Everyone has their own go to technique (sometimes called their meditation object) which they focus on. It’s just a matter of finding what works best for you then sticking with it with repetition and variation. Simple right? Remember you’re training to connect your awareness with your meditation object and staying with it as best you can for a period of time.
But don’t worry every little monkey mind gets distracted pretty soon. In fact you may as well give yourself permission to lose focus (you will anyway!) and it’s an important part of the learn to meditate process.
“By far the best way to find what works for you is to attend a meditation course”
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#4. Plenty of Patience
It’s just so easy for our old habits to reestablish themselves and our well being to go on the back burner as perceived things of importance take over again. So be patient, gentle and caring. Learning to be patient with yourself without feeling the need to get better or to get meditation right all the time is part of becoming a good meditator.
Give your meditations the time and space to unfold in their way with fewer expectations, criticisms and doubts. Examine your thoughts as you meditate to notice the unhelpful ones that maybe stopping you from trying, enjoying or feeling satisfied.
“There’s no need to jump up at the first sign of discomfort”
No, no.. recognize this as a normal stage in meditation but a place we don’t want to get caught in.
Notice this stage… recognize it as the brains natural negativity bias… then beat the bias by deliberately choosing a pleasant sensation to focus on and go deeper into the details of that feeling.
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#5. Enthusiam.
Nothing much is going to happen if we don’t practice our meditation. When you feel good and meditation seems easy then that’s the time to really go for it. Practice long and hard during these sweet times.
But when meditation seems hard (and trust me it will from time to time..) remember to be gentle with yourself, practice acceptance with less struggle, maybe even smile at yourself…then give it your best shot and put the result down to experience. Good or bad..
Not everyday feels wonderful during meditation.. so during these dry spells counter that negativity bias by choosing and dwelling on one thing that you can be proud of yourself or reckon you did pretty well. Ah…you’ve done it!!
Five things you need to learn to meditate.
Always Meditation & Mindfulness.
Medicine for the mind & recovery for the body.
Spring 2016.