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Mindfulness & Meditation
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About Us



Always Meditation: Melbourne's Mindfulness & Meditation Specialists.
At Always Meditation we teach mindfulness & meditation.
Meditation is the formal practice of Mindfulness and is a simple process that brings rapid tranquility and relaxation to the body and cultivates a calm and quiet mind. It's the simple and perfect antidote to stress & anxiety.
Mindfulness is simply awareness or attention training that improves our minds focus and concentration and lessens time we spend distracted from the present. Mindfulness is a powerhouse that helps us to relax our body, calm our mind, gives us the skill to monitor and drop those unhelpful thought patterns that our wandering mind loves to produce, and allows us to change our relationship with moods and emotions so we are less affected by them.
Mindfulness & Meditation have proven positive health and well being benefits .
With mindfulness, everyday activities can be done more focused and calmly, meaning less stress, fewer mistakes and performing at your best whilst feeling grounded and happier.
Always Meditation runs courses, workshops, retreats, private and corporate classes suitable for beginners up to experienced meditators.
Our programs are held regularly around Melbourne at easy to find convenient locations.
What we run;

Where we run them;

How Mindfulness & Meditation can help;
- Become more relaxed and mentally calm.
- Feel more grounded, alert and focused.
- Slow down the mind.
- Gain self confidence and feel better about yourself and life.
Benefits you can expect;
- Stay more relaxed when under pressure.
- Focus and concentrate better, making fewer mistakes.
- Be happier and less attached to unhelpful thoughts, moods and behaviours.
- Become less stressed, anxious and tense. Feel happier.
- Improve sleep, feel more refreshed and less tired.