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Mindfulness & Meditation
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Three Reasons to go on Meditation Retreats.

Discover for yourself that nature can directly influence feelings of peace and tranquility. Qualities like oneness, connectedness and relatedness are beneficial inner states that are often more easily found through interactions and activities in nature.




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Five Things you need to Learn to Meditate.

Every experienced meditator knows the benefit of having a reliable place to hold their meditations. Here are a few of my favs;
At home simply grab yourself a bed, a chair, cushion or couch or just a piece of carpeted floor space in a room that’s quiet, comfortable and temperature friendly. Keep a clock or timer handy and you’re ready to go!




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How to live more in the present moment

Many people get confused when talking about the present moment. After all there is only the present …. right? Past and future don’t really exist… they are just concepts and outcomes of our thinking mind. So why don’t we live more in the present moment?