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Mindfulness & Meditation
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Corporate Mindfulness classes

Corporate Mindfulness Classes


Mindfulness is increasingly being introduced into the workplace as a form of well-being and attention training.
Mindfulness and meditation help staff remain calm, relaxed under pressure, mentally and emotionally stable and better able to focus on the task at hand without being distracted.
Mindfulness in the workplace leads to fewer mistakes being made, better communication within teams and higher productivity from staff with less stress related health issues.


corporate mindfulness classes
We provide the following training options at competitive prices.

1. Mindfulness Seminars 


  • 30 – 90 minute seminars include concise information and practical exercises.
  • Include immediate benefits, knowledge and experience for your staff.
  • These seminars can be scheduled anytime during the working day.
  • Great for Health & Wellness days, during Conferences or included as part of Training days.
  • For up to 40 staff per seminar.


2. Lunchtime Mindfulness Courses


  • Flexible Course length from 3 up to 8 weeks held once per week in house for 45 minutes. Normally held during lunchtime.
  • Comprehensive Training packages includes weekly online instructions.
  • Fully structured and practical, enabling staff to start using the techniques right away to gain immediate results.
  • Aimed at increasing attention, improving performance under pressure, managing stress, and improving health and well-being.
  • Staff will feel refreshed, happier, more motivated and make fewer mistakes.


Why choose Us?
Always Meditation has been providing in-house corporate mindfulness classes, courses and seminars since 2014.
All training is held with everyone sitting in chairs with little set up required.
Our class content is non religious and easy to learn and understand.
All techniques are based on science, psychology and traditional methods designed to teach practical skills to deal with stress in the workplace and at home.
Corporate mindfulness classes are a convenient and cost effective way to increase mindfulness in your workplace.

Corporate Mindfulness Benefits


Business benefits:


  • higher staff morale and productivity
  • reduced staff turnover and less burnout
  • less absenteeism and compensation claims
  • better communication and customer service

Staff benefits:


  • better stress management
  • improved health and emotional intelligence
  • a more relaxed and confident work attitude
  • improved physical resilience and mental health
  • more engagement and job satisfaction


Our commitment:
Always Meditation corporate mindfulness classes are delivered by trainers who are experienced, practical professionals having scientific and/or business backgrounds.
Our seminars and courses are tailored to your organisations requirements and budget and have been well received by corporations, councils, schools and small businesses in Melbourne and Victoria state since 2014 by thousands of staff members.

How to contact us?
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Or call : 0402 580 741