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Mindfulness & Meditation
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1. Payment Options

Option 1. Pay by Direct Deposit.
Account Name: Always Meditation
BSB Number: 193 879
Account Number: 486 417 067
Use your name or phone number as the payment description so we can identify your transaction from others.
Option 2. You can pay Now by Credit or Debit card. ( VISA or MASTERCARD )

Pay with Paymate Express

Pay with Paymate Express

Option 3. Pay by cheque.
Please make your cheque to Always Meditation.
Mail to PO Box 581, Richmond VIC 3121.

Remember your registration is not complete until we receive your payment before the start date of your workshop or course.

2. What are your prices?

2016 price list, per person.
Mindfulness workshop - $75 / $65 concession
Advanced Mindfulness Workshop - $150 / $120 concession
Teacher Training Workshop - $195 / $155 concession
4 week Learn To Meditate Course - $135 / $120 concession
5 week Learn To Meditate Course - $165 / $145 concession
1 Hr Private Consultation - from $75 (depending on your location)
Always Meditation Gift Certificate - $80 or $135
Corporate prices submitted on request - please contact us.

3. Where do you run your classes?

You can find out all the information about our teaching venues at our locations page at;

4. What do I need to bring or wear?

Casual, comfortable clothing is fine to wear to your course or workshop.
If you want to lye down to practice meditation you can bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket for comfort and warmth.
You might like to bring along a bottle of water to keep hydrated.
We send out courtesy emails containing all the notes of what we cover during each session. So there is no need to bring a pen/paper unless you want to take your own notes during the class.

4. Questions About Meditation & Mindfulness.

How would I benefit from attending your classes?

Meditation can help address stress, anxiety, depression, lack of life enjoyment, insomnia, manage negative thoughts, moods and behaviors, lower blood pressure, increases peace of mind, calmness and self confidence.


I don't think  I have the time to learn or use mindfulness meditation?

We teach you how to include meditation skills into your daily life with very little change to your normal routine. We look at priority, wasted time, discipline and enthusiasm.


What is meditation?
Meditation is sustained selective attention of the mind on the body, breath or senses. This focusing relaxes the body and calms and clears the mind.

What is mindfulness?
Very simply mindfulness is paying attention. It has several definitions the most common being the Psychological definition as non judgmental acceptance of the present moment reality.

What is mindfulness meditation?

The combination and practice of mindfulness (attention training) and meditation (tranquility).


What are the benefits of meditation?

Many health, well being and attention benefits flow from learning and using meditation. The ability to do things in a relaxed and calm way. Improved concentration, less mistakes and getting more done.


How long should I meditate for?

It depends on your level of experience. A beginner should try to meditate for 10 minutes, then over time with practice you can lengthen this to 20 minutes. Alternatively three 5 minute short meditations through the day will keep you calm and balanced.


How often should I meditate?
Regular punctual practice is really important. A good time to meditate is at the start of everyday.

Should I have a special place to meditate?

Yes & No. The best place to meditate is somewhere quiet in your home where others won’t disturb you. But after a while you will notice you can meditate anywhere and not be as disturbed by external noises. So try to meditate in the car before or after driving, on public transport, at your work station, or out in nature.
Do I need to sit in a special way to meditate?

No. Chairs are comfortable and practical, or you can stand or lye down. All you need is the ability to stay comfortable and alert.

5. Questions About Our Workshops & Courses.

What sort of people attend your classes?

Most people attend to learn to de-stress and calm down. Men and women of all ages and occupations attend from professional business people, housewives, musicians, students and retirees.
How many people are there in each class?

Class sizes usually vary between 5 and 15.


Can I attend your courses on a casual basis?

No. Once a course has begun you generally can't join in unless by special arrangement.
We do run regular Sunday workshops for those who can't make it to a full course.


What happens if I can't attend my usual class?

If you can't attend your usual class you may attend a class at an alternative location during that week. Or join a later course for the class you missed.

6. What is a Private Consultation?

Private consultations are a 1 hour private session recommended when you are affected by stress caused by anxiety, depression, anger or other strong emotions.
Our consultations can be helpful if your quality of sleep, health or general life balance is affected. If you feel you need help to relax, calm your overactive mind, and manage your emotional response.
Can anyone book a private consultation?

Yes, simply use the Contact Us form and request an appointment or call us on 0402580741.
Where do you hold the consultations?
We use a number of consulting rooms around Melbourne in a variety of suburbs.
How many consultation do you recommend?
We do one-off sessions for people just wanting to get a feel for mindfulness and meditation. If you want to continue then we can schedule a weekly session for 2-3 weeks which is normally sufficient to get you up and running.
If you want the occasional meditation practice and chat afterwards that's fine also.
All information discussed during a private consultation is confidential. Your privacy is maintained.

7. Who is Always Meditation?

Always Meditation is a training and education small business based in Melbourne. We are not a religious organisation and do not have any members. We teach relaxation and attention training via tried and tested mindfulness meditation techniques.
We explain the basic principles and processes in a straight forward fashion and show you how it's done.

What experience do your teachers have?

Our teachers are specialist meditation teachers not yoga instructors or psychologists. They are certified meditation instructors having completed accredited meditation teacher training courses.
We are registered with the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association.