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Mindfulness & Meditation
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Course Details



Mindfulness & Meditation Courses For Beginners

On our course you learn how to meditate (the formal practice of mindfulness) and how to become more mindful in everyday life (the informal practice). When practiced regularly you'll reduce stress, anxiety, and create more peace and well-being in your body, heart and mind.
Over time a range of proven health and well-being benefits as well as better sleep will become evident. When learnt and practiced correctly mindfulness meditation is a really fun, enjoyable and easy practice to do!


Courses Starting March 2018


  • Tuesday 27 March, 2018



    Mindfulness & Meditation for Beginners Course in MOONEE PONDS - 3 weeks duration. 3 Tuesday evenings , 27 Mar - 10 Apr. ( 7.30 pm - 9 pm )

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Course Details

These evidence based mindfulness & meditation courses are designed for beginners (and intermediate meditators) wanting to learn to manage stress, anxiety, and to improve sleep and well-being.
The course format consists of a weekly 1.5 hour class held one evening per week over either 3, 4 or 5 weeks depending on the course you choose. Plus we supply comprehensive weekly online course notes and audio recordings included for free.
We run courses starting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings each month. We've now run almost 100 courses throughout Melbourne since 2014 and never once been asked for a money back guarantee.
All courses start at 7.30 pm except our Melbourne CBD courses which start at 5.30 pm.

Why choose our courses?

Our courses are comprehensive, not just an introduction. Each weekly session runs for a whole 1.5 hours giving you 50% more class time than other advertised 4 week introductory Mindfulness courses. On our course you'll practice twice as many guided meditations, have more time to understand critical information and more time to build your meditation confidence with the assistance of our experienced teachers.
We aim to teach you to use mindfulness & meditation techniques confidently yourself, anywhere and anytime, without always needing external technologies like downloadable guided meditations or mobile phone apps.
Buy Australian - Always Meditation is Melbourne owned and based.



Course Fees

3 week mini course (4.5 hrs)


4 week short course (6 hrs)


5 week regular course (7.5 hrs)




Course content

We define mindful meditation, how it works and teach you how to do it.
You'll learn 6 common techniques and find the one that works best for you.
We practice 2 short mindfulness exercises and 1 long guided meditation each week.
We'll show you how to manage distracting thoughts and other common meditation difficulties like pain, sounds and frustration.
We cover FAQ, helpful tips & supply online notes and mp3 audio instructions.

What you'll learn

To meditate confidently for at least 10 minutes a day at home or for shorter mindful periods during the day.
This practice will decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and rebuild physical health.
Also you'll leave each class feeling refreshed, happy & satisfied.
You'll build habits, schedules and places to continue after the course finishes.
You can attend another night if you can't make your normal class that week.



" Your style is 100% accessible and does away with the mystery that is often associated with meditation. I've definitely benefited a lot from the work we've done...Justin"


Course Locations


Melbourne CBD


Moonee Ponds







What others have said..


"A big thank you for your guidance & calmness over the past 4 weeks. You don't need a 'no risk money back guarantee' I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I strongly believe that Mindfulness is an essential component to my general well-being." Antoinette.

"Thanks for your excellent Introduction to Meditation short Course. I've learnt so much from your tuition, and because of that I’m really inspired to continue my practice." Cara.

"Thanks for teaching such an interesting course on mindful meditation. They say that things/people come along at just the right time, well your course has been a life saver and I highly recommend this course to everyone wanting to explore meditation." Fiona.




Mindfulness meditation class melbourne Always Meditation





All Course Venues, Course Dates and Bookings


MOONEE PONDS | Course Dates & Bookings

Venue: Sam Merrifield Library, 762 Mt Alexander Rd.


February 2018
4 Tuesdays

6 Feb - 27 Feb

7.30 pm - 9 pm


(6 hrs total class time)

March 2018
3 Tuesdays

27 March - 10 April

7.30 pm - 9 pm


4.5 hrs total class time)

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PRESTON | Course Date & Bookings

Venue: Attuned music Therapy, 5/27 Enfield Ave, Preston.


February 2018
5 Mondays

5 Feb - 5 March

7.30 pm - 9 pm


(7.5 hrs total class time)


Next course date TBA


MELBOURNE CBD | Course Dates & Bookings

Venue: Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane CBD.

February 2018

4 Wednesdays

7 Feb - 28 Feb

5.30 pm - 7 pm


(6 hrs total class time)


Next Course date TBA


RICHMOND | Course Dates & Bookings

Venue: Gallery 314, 314 Church Street.


February 2018
4 Thursdays

8 Feb - 1 March

7.30 pm - 9 pm


(6 hrs total class time)


Next course date TBA


BLACKBURN | Course Dates & Bookings

Venue: Karli Yoga Centre, 9b Salisbury Ave Blackburn.

4 Tuesdays

Dates to be advised

7.30 pm - 9 pm


(6 hrs total class time)


ASHBURTON | Course Dates & Bookings

Venue: Ashburton Community Centre, 160 High Street.


Dates to be advised


Case Studies, Feedback and More Course details.


Case studies and feedback...

Case Study – Peter

I had a heart attack about 12 hours after completing a short fun run. At the time, I was 56 years of age, quite fit as I’d been a runner most of my life, not overweight, had a good diet and lifestyle, had not previously had any serious illness, and had never smoked. After 4 days in hospital, it was found that I have a blocked minor artery in my heart and I am now on 5 daily medications (blood thinners, blood pressure medications). I have always suffered from anxiety when waiting in doctor’s waiting rooms or while having routine medical examinations / check-ups, which has affected my blood pressure, which was always quite high in these situations.

A few routine visits to the GP and the cardiologist resulted in anxiety and high blood pressure, despite being on blood pressure controlling medications since the heart attack. My cardiologist said that my heart markers were now fine and I should just “relax”. There are few things that cause more anxiety / tension, than someone telling me to just “relax”!​

Meditation Course​

The 6 week course run by Instructor Peter Elliott which is done while seated in chairs and which is not linked to any spiritual / religious group, seemed like a good option for an introduction to meditation. Given that even my medications were not able to control my blood pressure in environments which caused internal anxiety, I had no expectations about whether the meditation classes would have any effect.

The weekly meditation classes were very pleasant and the instructions were easy to follow. Since starting the course, I have tried to spend some time each day (15 minutes or longer) practicing some meditation. At first, I found it very relaxing to just “shut off” from the daily external stimuli, even for just 15 minutes, in a quiet room. After a couple of weeks, I also tried some meditation in different locations (e.g. a quiet part of a local park) which seemed to work almost as well. My meditation is primarily focused on my breathing, using some of the instructions learnt in the classes.

As the meditation time increases, I find my breathing gets slower, deeper and softer. At the end of each meditation, I generally feel more at peace with my environment / surroundings and ready to get on with whatever I need to do.

The major turning point for me though was a recent routine visit to my cardiologist (6 months after my heart attack and after about 3-4 weeks of meditation classes). As previously, I began to feel some anxiety returning while in the waiting room, so I decided to do a short (5 minute), open-eye meditation focused on my breathing.

The consultation with the cardiologist went well and my blood pressure was “perfect” (130/70) – the cardiologist’s words, not mine. This was the first time in many decades that I can remember, where my blood pressure was normal in a medical consultation room, and I attribute this to the meditation done immediately beforehand. I have a generally low resting pulse rate of about 55 beats/minute, probably because of a lifetime of running, but after my meditations, my pulse rate
drops to about 45 beats/min, which is a very significant reduction of about 20%.

To me this clearly demonstrates very real, measurable and positive physiological impacts of meditation, where even medications have failed.

Summary / outcomes

My reason for enrolling in a meditation course was to try to address a very real physiological response (large increases in blood pressure) in the one environment that makes me quite anxious.

I had no expectations going into the course, but have been very pleasantly surprised by the effect of meditation on physiological responses such as blood pressure and pulse rate. At the time of writing, the meditation course still has another week to run, but I feel that I am now well enough equipped to at least take my anxiety out of the few environments that have caused considerable (unconscious) anxiety in the past.

In addition, meditation makes me feel better, regardless of whether I am feeling any stress at the time, or not which is enough reason for me to continue daily meditations.

"Hi Peter, thank you for a great beginner's meditation course. I found it really relatable and enjoyable, and it's definitely interested and encouraged me to try meditation and look for opportunities to practice it in my daily life. I know that my dad (David) enjoyed the course and felt encouraged by it too." Kind regards, Stephanie.

"I didn't have much understanding of what meditation was before I started, but after completing the course I can say that I liked the whole thing. It was worthwhile doing the guided exercises in a group with other people, and all the ingredients worked, like the facilitator, the atmosphere, and the course material, to achieve something that was really great. If I’d known how good meditation was I would have done it years ago. I recommend this course to anyone." Colin.

"Before the course I was a bit suspicious but thought I would give it a try. What I enjoyed was learning the various theories, the practice exercises and the group discussions. The mix worked well." Robert.
"I had some preconceived ideas about meditation, but my concerns were addressed during the course. It made it all practical and simple." Ross.

"Before the course I was pretty concerned about the bonafide's of the presenter and the business, but those concerns were shelved after the first class." Chris

More Detailed Course Outline...

Mindfulness & Meditation Courses for Beginners.

The 3, 4 and 5 week courses consist of 1.5 hour classes held one night per week over 3, 4 or 5 weeks.

The course is structured to teach you how to meditate mindfully by yourself by the end of the course.

Each class includes practicing 2-3 meditations, some theory, tips and discussion.

We teach four main techniques;

1. Movement Exercises

2. Mental Focus (calms overactive minds)

3. Breath Awareness (teaches you to be more centered, relaxed and aware)

4. Body scan (improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, reduces aging, manages pain through detachment)

- The course is cumulative, gradually moving from theory into longer guided meditations.

- It is recommended that you attend all classes.

- Time is given to individual discussion.

- You are likely to get good results from the very first class, but just like any skill, meditation takes practice.

- During the course we encourage you to meditate sitting in chairs, lying down or occasionally standing.

- You receive weekly online reviews and instructions including mp3's.

- If you can’t attend your usual class, you can attend any other location that week. If you miss a class, you can catch it up in a following course.

- There are no refunds after the course starts.

- Registration and prepayment is required.


Short Beginners Mindful Meditation Courses Melbourne run by Always Meditation.