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Meditation Retreat Article

Three Reasons to go on a Meditation Retreat.


1. Find peace through nature.


Discover for yourself that nature can directly influence feelings of peace and tranquility. Qualities like oneness, connectedness and relatedness are beneficial inner states that are often more easily found through interactions and activities in nature. Stress and unpleasant feelings may be due in part to the disconnect between our body and mind that over-thinking creates.
Nature comes to our rescue… silently opening our heart and connecting the body and mind … creating greater physical and mental harmony.
Being in nature exposes us naturally to the daily flow of unhindered energy fields which are often shut down in busy cities made of concrete and steel. These electromagnetic field changes are at their greatest in the morning and evening and can be experienced in nature as deeper and more profound meditations.
A relaxed, slower paced retreat with times of quiet contemplation offers the chance for a higher awareness and insight to naturally develop.

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2. Learn to simplify your day.


Our daily routines are often full to the brim and sometimes overflowing! Going on meditation retreats allows us to discover that simplicity is always the advanced course in mindful living.

Simplifying your day can be as easy as two words … love and serve.

Love the good in yourself and serve goodness in others. Doing things for others increases appreciation and gratitude… two enjoyable qualities of the heart.
Making our day as simple as possible includes the attitudes of acceptance, patience, kindness and peace of mind.



3. Open to new meanings and purposes.


The change of routine and environment afforded by meditation retreats can be beneficial in allowing a more open minded attitude to arise. Upon reflection some obstacles and challenges which seem difficult may be re-framed as opportunities for growth, joy and achievement.
Often change is more easily achieved in quiet moments on retreat.
We can balance our goals, desires and values as best we can…. avoiding relying solely on the values of others and creating meaning in our lives that brings purpose and satisfaction.
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