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Mindfulness & Meditation
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Workshops are a great way to learn Mindfulness & Meditation.


We offer three workshop types all run on Sundays which makes them convenient, easy to attend and very popular.

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Mindfulness 101



Mindfulness in a Day



Meditation Teacher Training


Upcoming Workshops

  • Sunday 21 January 2018

    Mindfulness 101 Workshop - ASHBURTON. $85


  • Fri 16 - Sun 18 March 2018

    Weekend Meditation Retreat - WARBURTON. $400

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Mindfulness 101 Workshop

Workshop details
A practical and interesting 3 hour entry level workshop for beginners.

We cover the benefits of being mindful and how to learn and apply it.

Scientific evidence based workshop blended with traditional wisdom and everyday experience.

Held regularly around the year at various Melbourne suburbs.

What's covered in this workshop:
What mindfulness is and it's importance, based on science & psychology.
How to learn & practice mindfulness meditation techniques yourself.
Three guided mindfulness meditation exercises during the afternoon.
You'll leave this workshop feeling relaxed, happy and informed.
Here's what you'll learn:
How to reduce stress and manage anxiety and insomnia.
How to slow down the mind, feel happier and improve health.
How to concentrate better, worry less and make fewer mistakes.
How to boost immunity, manage pain and slow stress related aging.

Upcoming Mindfulness 101 Workshops:

Sunday 21 January 2018 ( 2 pm - 5 pm)

Ashburton Community Centre

160 High Street, Ashburton

close to Malvern , Glen Iris, Camberwell & Burwood


Workshop Cost: $85 only

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Mindfulness in a Day Workshop


Workshop details
An full day workshop for beginners and people with some experience focusing on how to learn and develop a Mindfulness & Meditation practice to relieve stress & anxiety.

This workshop also focuses on how to improve well being when unhelpful thoughts and unpleasant emotions or pain are present.
If your thoughts, emotions/moods or actions are affecting negatively your sleep, relationships, work performance, physical or mental health and creating stress in your life then this workshop can help.

What's covered in this workshop:
We revise the main mindfulness & meditation techniques.
Practice 4 guided and 2 silent mindful meditations.
Discuss mindful attitudes like acceptance of thoughts and feelings with less struggle, as well as gratitude, kindness and others.
We show you how to practice mindful walking, eating and talking.
Sundays from 10 am - 4 pm.
Group-of-senior-people-relaxin-39274324 (2)

Here's what you'll learn:
To build calmness, patience and acceptance.
To disconnect from thoughts to build mental calm and equanimity.
To use the observing mind to lessen emotional reactivity.
To increase focus during important activities to increase performance.
How to refresh and re-energize your daily meditation practice.
Upcoming Mindfulness in a Day Workshops:

2018 Dates TBA

Workshop Cost: $120

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Meditation Teacher Training

Teach people to meditate at your home, school, business or organisation. Learn the basic skills necessary with information and hands on experience by leading a class in a guided meditation that you'll prepare yourself during the workshop.
This workshop is not meant for accreditation purposes but as an inexpensive and easy opportunity for you to learn how to structure a meditation and to get up in front of others and lead a guided meditation that you've prepared. It's a great chance to experience directly what teaching mindfulness meditation is like before deciding to commit to expensive and longer teacher training courses.
1 day Sunday workshop (1 pm - 5 pm)
$175 / $150 concession
To learn more about our Teacher Training workshops click onto our Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training page.

Past Comments


Many successful students holding thumbs up in a row


"I learnt more from your Mindfulness workshop than another that cost me four times the amount!" Sara.

"I'd like to pass on how positive yesterday's workshop was. It was so practical, and the messages of non-judgement really resonated. We talked a lot about working mindfulness into our own routines and relationship - and both had the best night's sleep!" Casey.

"What I liked most was the practical exercises I walked away with. Not only did we do the exercises, asked questions, but were able to implement them into our daily lives quite easily." Sian.



"I enjoyed the down to earth, friendly, personable delivery and the very accessible practical exercises. Great, and thank you...I'll be using them." Diane.

"I liked the parts where we did the guided meditation exercises. i.e. eyes shut with Peter talking us through the exercise. I liked the simplicity of explanations and the group sharing." Kelly.

"With mindfulness-meditation I can really decrease the effects that anxiety and stress have on my life." Elizabeth.

"I really enjoyed the mindfulness training. It was great to be able to do some exercises and then hear what other people in the class thought." Norah.

"Very practical....No chanting!" Ross.

"I was concerned that the workshop would be too 'hippy' without any understanding of real life pressures, but it wasn't. I really got a lot out of the Mindfulness Meditation Classes Melbourne. Thank You." Kathryn.




Workshops vs Courses

If you can't attend a Sunday workshop why not learn Mindfulness & Meditation via an evening course?

Our four-week courses encourage you to practice between classes giving you a more comprehensive opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of mindfulness & meditation for yourself and include it in your daily life in a real way.
For more details click onto our;
Mindfulness & Meditation Courses for Beginners page.