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Mindfulness & Meditation
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Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training Melbourne.


Learn how to deliver effective and interesting guided meditations in these practical and time effective workshops designed for beginner mindfulness & meditation trainers, teachers, psychologists, parents, yoga instructors and other health professionals. The critical skill you'll learn is how to get up in front of others and lead a guided meditation.

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Sunday 19 Nov 2017
1 day workshop
RICHMOND location
314 Church Street
Sunday 1pm - 5 pm
Cost: $175

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What you'll learn:
We'll review the Mindfulness & Meditation skills, theory and confidence you'll need to teach.
We'll show you how to start by preparing at least one structured meditation script and using it to deliver a guided meditation.
You'll practice reading the instructions from your script firstly to a single partner. Working together you'll modify and refine your instructions, pace of delivery, voice intonation, volume and ease of understanding to improve the meditation.
Then everyone takes a turn to lead the whole class through their individual guided meditations.
You'll also participate in helpful feedback of each persons presentation to aid learning and build confidence.

Who should attend?

These workshops are not designed for accreditation purposes but rather to give beginner meditation instructors time in front of real people to learn, improve and practice leading guided meditation exercises. This is the critical skill required to teach meditation and these workshops offer plenty of time to practice. Get practical 'hands on' real experience time in guiding others in meditation (the formal practice of Mindfulness) or just 'try it out' to see how you go before committing to longer and more expensive teacher training courses for accreditation.


Always Meditation & Mindfulness

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Run guided meditations for children, adults, work clients and family members.
Include guided mindfulness meditations at your school if you are a teacher.
Learn to effectively guide group meditations and introduce them at your workplace as a lunchtime wellness activity.
Considering becoming a meditation or mindfulness instructor?
This workshop is your chance to practice the skill of guided meditations on real people!
Start now to learn for yourself if you have the commitment and ability to run your own meditation courses.
You'll get enough confidence and skill to start guiding people in real meditations immediately.
Want to grow your existing Wellness based business?
Include mindfulness meditations in your existing well-being programs.
Support existing clients with the benefits of guided meditations and attract new customers to expand your business.
Gain the experience and confidence to deliver Corporate mindfulness classes.
These are practical, creative, interactive, time & cost effective workshops. Book today.


Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training Workshop Schedule:

Sunday 19 Nov 2017
1 day workshop
RICHMOND location
314 Church Street
Sunday 1pm - 5 pm
Cost: $175

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- A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all attendees of this workshop.
- Depending on your situation this workshop maybe tax deductible expenditure as professional career development.

Recommended Experience:

A practical level of meditation experience is recommended before progressing to teaching training.
If you want to discuss your situation before enrolling or for more details please email
If you haven't already completed a Mindfulness or Meditation course it might be handy (but not essential) that you consider doing one before undertaking teacher training.
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